Dose of Art #34: Giovanni Bellini – St. Francis in Ecstasy (c. 1480)

What better painting for the October the 4th than one of St. Francis? Although we know St. Francis for his love of animals this isn’t the subject of the painting; some sheep in the background, a heron, donkey and a little hare (just below his right hand) are the only animals we see (there are far more plants, bushes, and trees to be seen). The subject of the painting is St. Francis receiving the stigmata; looking to the heaven his posture with his arms spread resembles that of the crossing, and his hands show the stigmata.
In its colours and details, the painting resembles the work of Andrea Mantegna (who was Bellini’s brother-in-law).
As his signature, Bellini used the Latin version of his name (seen on the bottom left): Joannes Bellinus. Take some time to really look at it as it has wonderful details, colours, and use of lighting.
It is on display in The Frick Collection, New York.