Dose of Art #129: Hieronymus Bosch – detail The Garden of Earthly Delights (c.1490 – 1510)

Back to Bosch. With all those animals, people and weird little details it is easy to overlook the strangeness of the buildings/structures.
They are surreal; and with their colors, round forms, and vegetable elements they look like something from the Sixties. Yet they were painted more than 500 years ago at a time when there was nothing that resembled it.

Just look at the pink leaf-like ‘cloth’ in the middle. At the top, it is curled like a paper scroll indicating it is a stiff material, the rest is draped over the branches showing their outline; so it must be soft. And the whole structure is combining rounded shapes with octagonal pillars and sharp edges.
Like the whole painting, it is fascinating.