Dose of Art #182: Jan van Goyen – Skating on the Merwede near Dordrecht (1646)

It has been so cold the last couple of days that in many parts of The Netherlands people could skate again. It hasn’t been so cold however that the Merwede was frozen over as it was around 1640. Winter landscapes were a popular genre and Van Goyen returned to painting them after painting river landscapes.

On the horizon, we can see Dordrecht’s ‘Grote Kerk’ -big church – (on the right next to the windmill).

On the background we see two people playing the game of Kolf on the ice. Just behind the is Dordrecht’s Grote Kerk.


The date and Van Goyen’s signature are visible on the sleigh with hay.


It is fun to realise that people today still enjoy the same things they did almost 400 hundred years ago (be it in a slightly different form),