Dose of Art #127: Hieronymus Bosch – detail The Garden of Earthly Delights (c.1490 – 1510)

The right panel –The Last Judgement– shows some very horrific scenes of people getting tortured. And again we see this strange mix of the recognizable and the inexplicable.
In this small detail of a scene involving torture by musical instruments, we see two men (again with marvellous attention to details).

The longer you look like it, the more questions it raises: why are the eyes of the lying man gauged out? Why is he holding a cup with some kind of necklace hanging out? Why is the other man balancing an egg on his back?

As a side note: The details are taken from a high resolution (30000 × 17078 pixels) image from the painting which allows such a high zoom level you can even see the cracks in the paint.